Who is Brian May?

Brian May is a famous English musician, songwriter, astrophysicist, and guitarist for the band ‘The Queen.’ He was born on 19 July 1947 at Hampton Hill in Middlesex, England. He is renowned as one of the rock music industry’s most influential and innovative guitarists.

His iconic curly hairstyles reflect his looking like a scientist. He was acclaimed as a lead guitarist of the band ‘The Queen,’ which is the record-breaking album in the rock music industry.

He performed as a lead guitarist in some famous rock bands like Smile, Queen, the miracle, and others. His wife, Christine Mullen, gave birth to three children.

This article is a short biography revealing Brian May’s Net worth. It will also elaborate on his personal life, family, career, awards, and other amazing facts relating to his life.

Early life and family

Brian May was born to Harold Mary and Ruth Mary in London. His mother is a Scottish national. She married his father, who is from England, in 1946. Brian May is the only single child in his family. May wedded Christine Mullen, a model, in 1974. They have three children: James, Louisiana, and Emily Ruth.

He later divorced her and married Actor Anita Dobson in 2000. In 1984, at the age of 11 years, he won a scholarship from Hampton Grammar school and formed his first rock band with the vocalist Tim Staffell. He has a zodiac sign of Cancer.  


Brian May received his entire education from different schools and universities in England. He completed his graduation from Hampton Grammar school by clearing ten GCE O levels and three GCE A levels exams in the subjects of Physics, Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics.

At Imperial College London, he pursued mathematics and physics degrees, earning a BSc in physics with honors in 1968. May received a Ph.D. in astrophysics in 2007 for work he began in 1971 and finished in 2007. He maintained his academic excellence the entire time.

Brian May’s Career

Who Is Brian May? Brian May Net Worth, Career, And Other Amazing Facts

Career in Music

  • He is a renowned songwriter, musician, and guitarist of his time. May started his career and formed the band Smile in 1968, in which the other team players were vocalist Tim Staffell as a lead singer and drummer Roger Taylor. This band lasts only for two years. Together this band composed nine songs, and they reunited in 1992.
  • Together with Freddie Mercury and John Deacon, he founded the iconic rock band “The Queen” in 1970. After releasing a few popular songs, this English band reached the peak of its success. Some of the hit songs produced by this band notably are; “Who Wants to Live Forever,” “Mother Love,” “Flash’s Theme,” “We Will Rock You,” “Tie Your Mother Down,” Fat Bottomed Girls, etc. He performed as a lead guitarist in this band and was the lower-range vocalist in the band’s three-part harmonies. The second album of The Queen’s band, “Queen II”, places his position on the UK top charts. After that success, this band recorded many other albums, which successfully set their position in UK’s top charts as well.
  • From 1985 to 2010, he did many solo performances and, with his band, released many hit albums like Innuendo, The Miracle, etc., and gained much popularity and fame among the people. He also toured many countries in Europe and North America for concerts. He performed live, appeared in Music festivals with his bandmates, and gained international popularity.
  • From 1983 to 1999, Brian May did many side projects and solo albums. Though he wasn’t thrilled with how the band members got along, he formally created the Brian May Band in 1992.
  • In 1995, May worked on movie projects and was also working on a collection of cover songs called “Heroes.” Queen + Paul Rodgers was the name under which the band toured in 2004 after Brian May and Taylor’s reunion.

Career as Activist

Animal welfare always remains the area Brian May is passionate to work in. Additionally, he runs the animal welfare advocacy group “Save me,” which works to promote animals’ rights and end the harsh and degrading treatment of them. He is also a supporter of RSPCA, an international animal welfare fund, and PETA UK.

He was also appointed vice president of RSPCA in September 2012. During his career, he has performed many Charity and Fundraising events to benefit animal rights in France, emphasizing preventing the hunting of foxes and badgers. He also ran a lot of campaigns in the UK General elections against different animal hunting acts and bills. Johnson’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was criticized by May as being weak in 2021.

Career in Science

  • May received a BSc (Hons) and an ARCS in physics from Imperial College London, where he studied mathematics and physics.
  • He studied Ph.D. in Astrophysics at Imperial College London, which he abandoned in 1974. The thesis of May was titled, “A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud,”. He completed this thesis in August 2017. It got approved in September 2007 same year. Brian May successfully completed his graduate degree from Imperial College Awards Ceremony in May 2008.
  • May began his association with the Imperial Astrophysics Group and his interest in astronomy when he was selected as a visiting researcher at Imperial College in October 2007.
  • Additionally, Liverpool John Moores University named him Chancellor. He was later awarded a university fellowship scholarship for his Astronomy contributions.
  • He helped co-found Asteroid Day in 2014, a global education initiative that brings people from all over the world together to learn about asteroids.
  • The science team presented May as a member “You have inspired the globe,” he said to the panel.
  • He received the Lawrence J. Burpee Medal from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in 2019 in recognition of his services to geography.

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Brian May’s Award and Achievements

  • He worked with Elizabeth Lamers, whose compositions were nominated for two 1996 Ivor Novello Awards for “Best Song, Musically & Lyrically.”
  • He was awarded “Global Icon Award” for “Queen” at the event in 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards.
  • In recognition of his contributions to the field of three-dimensional imaging, he was awarded the Saxby Medal by The Royal Photographic Society in 2012.
  • According to the ranking list of the famous magazine “Rolling Stone” in 2011, he placed his position in the list of “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Times.”
  • He was additionally given the title of Commander of the Order of British Empire (CBE) for his contributions to music in 2005. This event happened on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

Brian May’s Net Worth

In 2022, Brian May’s net worth reached to the $210 million, surpassing $200 million benchmark. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest guitar players of all time in rock music. All his fortune has come from his international albums, singles, and solo and band performances. He rose to the heights of international fame as the guitarist for his rock band “Queen.”

Final Words

Brian May is undoubtedly one of the best guitarists, songwriters, and a musician in the rock music industry. There is little question that Brian May has earned wealth in the music industry. His band did exceedingly well in its prime. Still, after Freddie Mercury’s passing, the earnings of his band members shot up manifolds.

This article highlights Brian May’s net worth and biography of his life in detail. Brian May has had great performances in the musical and even movie industries. Still, he has also done excellent work.

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