Within Minecraft, you may deal with various sorts of stones. You can produce far cleaner or more elaborate stone blocks from the humble cobblestone for your creations. Making stone bricks in Minecraft is not tricky, but it does take some time. Stone bricks come in various textures that you may utilize to modify the look of your creations. This article will teach you how to manufacture stone bricks in Minecraft, what resources you’ll need, how to make stone bricks, the command for manufacturing stone bricks, and what you can make with stone bricks.

Materials needed to make stone bricks in Minecraft

  1. 4 Regular Stone
  2. Furnace
  3. Stonecutter (optional)

You’ll need to produce standard stone blocks before making stone bricks. You may do so by using your furnace for cooking cobblestone bricks. You’ll get ordinary stone blocks as a result of this. You can utilize standard stone blocks to produce stone bricks once you have them. The stonecutter is optional; however, you can use it if you wish to create stone bricks one at a time. Otherwise, four regular stone blocks can be made at a time.

How to make cracked stone bricks?

You’ll need to start by gathering some cobblestone. Every person globally has more cobblestone than they know what to do with, but if you find yourself in a new world, you can mine stone with a pickaxe to get some cobblestone. You can skip forward to the crafting recipe if you have a silk touch pickaxe. If you don’t already have one, you can build one once you’ve gathered enough cobblestone. Place eight cobblestone blocks in a crafting menu, leaving the middle-most place free to make a furnace.

Once your furnace is made, place it down, put cobblestone in the top slot, and place fuel in the bottom-most slot. Your fuel can be any wooden item, coal/charcoal, or even a bucket of lava. Most plant-based items work as well. Smelt some of your cobblestones down into regular stone blocks regardless of what fuel you pick. 

You may use regular stone blocks to manufacture stone bricks once you’ve acquired enough regular stone blocks (you’ll need 4 for this process). You will receive four stone bricks each time you finish this recipe. You may use a stonecutter to manufacture them one at a time if you choose. An iron ingot and three ordinary stone blocks are used to make a stonecutter. You may drop an ordinary stone block into the left-most slot in the stonecutter’s UI, and a few block possibilities will appear on the left.

To produce stone bricks one at a time, choose stone bricks and click on the stone bricks that appear to the right of your standard stone block. If you don’t require a multiple of four, this can save you some stone. To build 6 stone brick slabs, line up three stone bricks in a row on your crafting table. You can also make one at a time in a stonecutter by placing a stone brick in the stonecutter’s UI. 

You’ll get typical stone blocks as a result. You can create stone bricks once you have standard stone blocks. The stonecutter is optional, however it does provide you the option of making stone bricks one at a time. Otherwise, 4 normal stone blocks can be made at a time.

Uses of cracked stone bricks in Minecraft

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1. You can make stairs 

Stairs may be built the same way as other blocks by arranging them in an ascending pattern, with 1 in the top row, 2 in the next, and 3 in the bottom row. Your six bricks will result in four steps. Consider utilizing a stonecutter if you plan on building with a lot of them, as each brick will give you one stair rather than the six necessary for four steps. By employing a stonecutter, you will get a better ratio and save time.

2. You can also make a stone brick wall 

Place two rows of three stone bricks on your crafting table to construct a stone brick wall. This may also be done in a stonecutter, however, unlike the stair recipe, it does not save you any stone brick efficiency. The stonecutter is the way to go if you need one wall instead of six. You may also do it the old-fashioned way by putting them on a crafts table.

3. Stone bricks will make mossy stone bricks

Another way to have fun with stone bricks is by incorporating vines into your design. When ordinary vines from the overworld are combined with stone bricks, mossy stone bricks are created, giving the grey block a greenish color. Like the recipes above, mossy stone bricks may be used to build slabs, staircases, and walls. The only difference is that the stone bricks are replaced with mossy ones. You may also create them one or two at a time using a stonecutter.

4. You can also make cracked stone bricks 

By putting stone bricks in your furnace, you may generate broken bricks. Smelting stone bricks yields fractured stone bricks, giving your blocks a little texture. However, unlike mossy stone bricks or regular stone bricks, this variation of stone bricks cannot be used to build slabs, walls, or staircases.

You can change the design of the stone bricks themselves by crafting chiseled stone bricks.

Finally, carved stone bricks can be used to alter the appearance of the stone bricks. You’ll need to start with stone brick slabs on a crafting table to manufacture chiseled stone bricks. Once you’ve built two stone brick slabs, you may build a chiseled stone brick by placing them in a 2×1 column in a crafting menu.

That’s every recipe in Minecraft that uses stone blocks. Of course, you may create with them, but we’ll leave that decision to you. To give a wooden building additional dimension and texture, consider adding a pillar of chiseled stone bricks or a stone brick roof. Whatever you choose, it’s great to know that this stone block may be used in various ways.

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