Lyric Kai Kilpatrick is a rising star in spoken word poetry, drawing inspiration from her family’s creative legacy and using her art to inspire and uplift others. Born in Los Angeles, California, in 2000, Lyric is the daughter of musician and producer Danny Kirkpatrick and actress Kyla Pratt. Growing up in a family of artists, Lyric found her passion in spoken word and poetry, using her powerful performances to explore themes of self-love, resilience, and social justice. Her talent and passion have earned her critical acclaim and a growing following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. In this article, we will explore Lyric’s rise to prominence in the spoken word scene, her creative process and influences, and her activism on social media.  

This article will explore the creative legacy of Danny Kirkpatrick and how his parenting philosophy has shaped Lyric Kai Kilpatrick’s artistic path. From their shared love of music to their dedication to self-expression and creativity, we will delve into the factors contributing to Lyric’s rise as a poet and a spoken word artist.  

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick: An Emerging Social Media Star

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick is a rising star in poetry and spoken word. She is famous on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. She has a considerable following due to her impactful performances and inspiring messages. 

On Instagram, Lyric frequently shares short clips of her poetry and spoken word performances. She provides meaningful captions that give an understanding of her creative process and personal life. She also frequently engages with her followers, responding to comments and sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life as an artist.  

Lyric’s TikTok videos are powerful and short. She talks about mental health, self-love, and social justice issues. Her videos get thousands of likes and comments. She is an emerging social media star because of her impactful content. 

Early Life and Family Background of Lyric Kai Kilpatrick

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 17, 2010, to parents Danny Kirkpatrick and Kyla Pratt. Her father, Danny Kirkpatrick, is a renowned musician, producer, and songwriter. He is best known for his work with artists such as Snoop Dogg, The Game, and Justin Timberlake.  

Growing up in a family of artists, Lyric was exposed to music and creativity from a young age. Kyla Pratt is Lyric’s mother. She is a famous actress. Kyla Pratt acted in movies like Dr. Dolittle, and TV shows such as The Proud Family and One-on-One. Her grandfather, Johnny Pratt, was also a musician, playing drums for artists such as Isaac Hayes and Barry White.  

Despite her family’s creative legacy, Lyric found her passion in spoken word and poetry. She started writing and performing poetry when she was young. Her inspiration comes from her experiences and the world.


lyric kai kilpatrick


Name: Lyric Kai Kilpatrick  

Known as: The daughter of Danny Kirkpatrick and Kyla Pratt  

Date of Birth: November 17th, 2010  

Place of Birth: California, USA  

Citizenship: American  

Astrological Sign: Scorpio  

Physical Appearance

Height: 106.6 cm (3 feet 5 inches)  

Weight: 30 kg (66.1 lbs)  

Eye Color: Brown  

Hair Color: Black 

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Lyric and The 1st Commerical For Walmart At 7 Years  

In 2020, Lyric Kai Kilpatrick made history by starring in the first commercial for Walmart in seven years. During the MTV Video Music Awards broadcast, a commercial premiered that showcased Lyric’s talents as a spoken word artist. The commercial featured her performing a piece that celebrated the diversity and resilience of the American people.

The commercial was significant for both Lyric and Walmart, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in advertising and media. Lyric talked about inspiring others with positive messages, using her platform, in interviews after the commercial premiered.

Lyric talked about inspiring others with positive messages, using her platform, in interviews after the commercial premiered. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work with Walmart. She praised the company for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

Lyric Kal KilPatrick Takes Music as a Foundation

Danny Kirkpatrick’s music career spans over two decades. He has become known for his unique production style and collaborations with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. His love for music has been evident from a young age, and he has spoken in interviews about the influence his mother, a singer, had on him.  

This love for music has also been passed down to his daughter, Lyric Kai Kilpatrick. Lyric grew up surrounded by music and has cited her father’s work as a major influence on her creative pursuits.   

In an interview with Refinery29, she said her father’s job as a music producer allowed her to grow up around music, which is what sparked her love for poetry and spoken word. It’s a natural progression from listening to music and feeling the emotions that come with it.”  

Lyric’s connection to music is evident in her poetry, which often incorporates elements of rhythm and melody. She has also performed alongside her father at various events, showcasing their love of music and creativity.  

Beyond their shared love of music, Danny Kirkpatrick’s parenting philosophy has also significantly shaped Lyric’s artistic path. In interviews, he has spoken about fostering creativity and individuality in his children, encouraging them to pursue their passions and express themselves freely.  

This philosophy has impacted Lyric, who has described her father as a “huge inspiration” in her life. She said in an interview with InStyle, ‘He always taught me to be myself, to be creative, and to never give up on my dreams’ He’s always been my biggest supporter and has encouraged me to follow my passions.”  

This support has been crucial for Lyric, who has faced her fair share of challenges as a young artist. During an interview with Refinery29, she shared that her father’s profession as a music producer exposed her to music throughout her upbringing, and this is what triggered her fondness for poetry and spoken word. However, with her father’s and other mentors’ encouragement, she overcame these obstacles. She pursued her passion for poetry and the spoken word.  

Lyric’s Rise to Prominence in the Spoken Word Scene

Lyric’s talent and passion for spoken word quickly caught the attention of the Los Angeles poetry and spoken word community. She began performing at open mics and poetry slams, earning accolades for her powerful performances and captivating presence on stage.  

In 2019, Lyric was invited to perform at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California, where she represented the Los Angeles team. Her performances at the event earned her critical acclaim, with judges and audience members praising her talent and stage presence.  

Since then, Lyric has made a name for herself in the spoken word scene, performing at events across the country and collaborating with other artists and poets. She has also become a sought-after speaker and performer at schools and community organizations, inspiring others with her powerful messages of self-love, resilience, and social justice.  

Lyric’s Creative Process and Influences

Lyric draws inspiration for her poetry from various sources, including her own experiences, the world around her, and the works of other poets and artists. She often uses her poetry to process and reflect on her own emotions and experiences, as well as explore larger social and political issues.  

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Lyric spoke about the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in her creative process. She explained that her best work comes from a place of honesty and openness and that she strives to create poetry that speaks to the experiences of others.  

Her upbringing and family background also influences lyric poetry. Lyric Kai Kilpatrick frequently infuses music and rhythm into her spoken word pieces, influenced by her father’s profession as a musician and producer. She has also shared that her mother’s acting skills have positively impacted her own creative process, enabling her to bring genuine emotions and depth to her performances. 

Lyric’s Social Media Presence and Activism  

Lyric is popular on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Besides being a spoken word artist, she has gained many followers for her empowering messages about self-love and social justice.

Lyric shares pictures of her cute moments with her family and sister on Instagram. She is currently enjoying 10.7k followers on her Social Media Account.

Lyric gained a following on TikTok for her short performances that address topics like body positivity, self-care, and social justice.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who is Lyric Kai Kilpatrick?   

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick is a spoken word artist and rising star in the world of poetry. She was born in Los Angeles in 2000 and is the daughter of musician and producer Danny Kirkpatrick and actress Kyla Pratt.

  • What are some of Lyric’s notable performances?   

Lyric has performed at several events and venues, including the 2018 Black Love Experience in Washington D.C., the 2020 TEDxPasadenaWomen conference, and the 2021 virtual Sundance Film Festival.  

  • What is Lyric’s social media presence like?   

Lyric has a growing following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where she shares her poetry and engages with her fans. She uses her platforms to amplify voices and issues related to social justice and activism.