If you’re interested in fashion, you’ll want to learn about the many styles of cuffs. Important fashion variables, such as the fabric, collar, and style influence an ensemble’s attractiveness and formality. When it comes to different ensembles, the styles of cuffs are also essential.


A cuff is a sleeve cuff that is sewed on the end of each sleeve. It comes in a variety of forms and functions as a wrist enclosure. Because cuffs tend to wear out quicker than the rest of the garment, it is now possible to sew replaceable cuffs. Since then, the cuffs have determined the formality degree of a shirt. Cuffs with links are considered the most formal in the fashion industry, while those with buttons are considered the least formal.

When discussing the size of the cuff that can be seen when wearing a jacket sleeve, you may hear the term “display some linen.” Because shirts were initially made of linen, this expression was coined. Shirts made of various materials, including cotton, have been produced over time. Cuffs are available in a variety of forms and sorts.

What are the types of cuffs?

Cocktail cuffs

Turnback cuff, James Bond cuff, Portofino cuff, and Casino cuff are all names for this cuff design. Whatever you name it, you won’t be able to ignore this cuff when you see it. It’s an unusual yet breathtaking sight. A barrel cuff with a double-length cuff folded over till the hems create a diagonal line is the cocktail cuff. Although these cuffs existed before the Dr. No film, their popularity was bolstered by James Bond’s persona, played by Sean Connery. Since then, it has become one of the most popular fashion designs among connoisseurs.

These sorts of cuffs were never described in the book on which the Bond film was based. It alluded to a shirt manufacturer, which turned out to be a Turnbull & Asser specialty. The latter was tasked with designing Connery’s character’s clothing for the film.

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French or double types of cuffs

French cuffs are double the length of single cuffs. Cufflinks are required to close these two types of cuffs at the wrist. In England, this classy cuff design is trendy. It gets its name from the fact that it folds over on itself. This cuff type was one of the most popular until barrel cuffs surpassed it in the middle of the twentieth century. Here are a few places where you can wear French cuffs:

  • Black-tie events: French cuffs are not only suggested but required in tuxedo wear. A black-tie event is one of the few times when this cuff type is required.
  • Weddings: Whether you’re a guest, an official, or the groom, the cuff style will refine your attire and flair.
  • Casual clothing: This cuff design is applied to casual wear, such as sports coats, dark denim, or casual jeans or trousers, in striking patterns and vibrant colors.
  • Professional clothes: It is customary to wear French cuffs with a business suit every day.
  • Job interviews: This cuff is attractive and appropriate for job seekers, especially if you search for a high-ranking post in the legal or financial fields. If your overall clothing isn’t put together nicely, you run the danger of turning off your interviewer at a first look.

Barrel cuffs

This is one of the most frequent cuff styles, and it can be found in both casual and professional outfits. They’re usually done with two horizontally positioned buttons separated by 34 inches. There is also a variation in which the buttons are positioned vertically. However, this is mainly seen on custom-made or fashion-forward shirts.

Convertible cuff

Convertible cuffs are uncommon, and you’ll only come across them as an option in stores that specialize in custom-made apparel. They’re usually twin cuffs. However, some companies make them look like barrel cuffs with an extra hole between the buttons.

Single cuff

This cuff has the appearance of a barrel cuff, but it fastens differently. Cufflinks can be used to close single cuffs. Because they are infrequently used, they are hard to come by off the shelf. They only look excellent and tidy on wing collar shirts worn with a white tie combo.

What types of cuffs can be used to customize attire?

There are various methods to personalize the look of the cuffs you’re wearing. While you may sometimes purchase different-looking sorts of cuffs in stores, you will almost always need to have them custom-made.


Cuffs occur in various forms, the most popular of which are mitered, squared, and rounded. Rounded cuffs are the most subtle and the most prevalent of the three. The square style is less prevalent, yet it looks well with casual clothing. Mitered cuffs are considered the most formal and exquisite of the bunch. The mitered cuffs’ corners are spliced at a 45-degree angle. They appear to be dressed up and fashionable.

Straight or square cuffs, on the other hand, feature angled corners. They’re hard to come by, but you may have them manufactured to order or purchase them from fashion-forward stores. Cuffs with rounded off-top corners are known as rounded cuffs.


The advantage of several types of cuffs is that they may be purchased in colors that contrast with the shirt. Non-white shirts have worn white cuffs and collars for a long time. The cuffs and collar of a shirt wear out or stain faster than the rest of the garment, leading to this fashion trend. The cuffs and collar were created so that they could be replaced, allowing the shirt to be reused without seeming unkempt. This style may be seen in both bespoke shops and department stores. French cuffs are commonly utilized in this design trend. However, barrel cuffs and other cuffs are also employed occasionally.

This fashion is widely available at the store and in custom tailors. French cuffs are generally employed in this design trend, but barrel cuffs and other cuffs can also be seen occasionally.

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