Who is Dave Grohl?

David Eric Grohl, a.k.a. Dave Grohl, is a famous American songwriter, guitarist, musician, and producer from America. He gained popularity globally from his rock albums Foo Fighters and Nirvana. On January 14, 1969, he was born. Additionally, he started many rock bands.

He played drums for Nirvana from 1990 to 1994, which is why he is well-known for it. At the age of 15, he began musical career as a guitarist and drummer for punk bands that rose to the feat of his success.

Dave Grohl has also worked on several philanthropic projects, including supporting many causes like LGBTQ and Guns control. He is the son of a teacher, Virginia Jeans, and news writer James Harper Grohl.

Dave Grohl has starred in many television series, including “The X-Files: Pusher,” “Drunk History,” and many others, and also appeared in some popular TV shows.

The above lines reflect his brief introduction. The rest of this article will cover a short bibliography about Dave Grohl, including his height, Career, Early Life, education, and other interesting information about himself.

Early Life

Dave Grohl Height, Career, Lifestyle And Everything You Need To Know

The birthplace of David Eric Grohl is Warren, Ohio, America. His family belongs to ancestry from Slovak, German, and Ireland. When Dave was a young boy, Grohl’s family relocated to Springfield, Virginia. He was seven years old when his parents divorced, and his mother raised him. At the age of 12, Grohl started taking guitar lessons.

After growing weary of classes, he made the decision to educate himself, and later joined bands with pals. When Grohl was 13 years old, he and his sister spent the summer at the home of their Illinois cousin.

He frequented the 9:30 Club countless times, a Washington, DC-based musical venue. He was introduced to punk rock there and initially performed with many punk bands. Watching many punk shows in his childhood changed his life afterward. Grohl wed photographer Jennifer Leigh Youngblood in 1994.

They separated in 1997 after divorcing in December 1997. He wed Jordyn Blum, his second wife, on August 2, 2003. Ophelia Saint, Harper Willow, and Violet Maye are their daughters.

Dave Grohl Height and Physicality

Dave Grohl Height, Career, Lifestyle And Everything You Need To Know

Born in Warren, Ohio, America, Dave Grohl is currently 53 years of age. His height is around six ft. (183cms or 1.83 m ), although he has been listed as 6 ft and one in. high in some magazines. His weight is around 78 kgs or 152 lbs currently. He possess dark brown hair and a beard.

Additionally, Dave Grohl is a Capricorn by zodiac sign. Other than that, he possessed multiple tattoos all over his body. He is popular among the audience with the nicknames Disco Dr. G, Stringer, The most excellent Man in Rock, and the Nicest Guy in music.  

Dave Grohl’s Career

Career in Music

Dave Grohl started his career at 17 years old as a drummer with a hardcore punk band’ scream’. Due to this band, he later dropped out of his college. He recorded many live albums with them. After “The Scream” band disbanded in the late 1990s, he travelled to Seattle to continue in for his new band, “Nirvana.” He joined the band after being selected. His first album with this band was ‘Nevermind.’

After being disappointed, he later composed lyrics and songs all by himself. He assembled and released his cassette in 1992. He also toured Europe in 1994. At the Robert Lang studio in Seattle, Grohl created a lot of demos for this band. After one of its members passed away in April 1994, Nirvana band disbanded.

He later gathered a group of musicians, including Pat Smear, Nate Mendel, and William Goldsmith, to establish his rock band in 1995. With this band, he recorded an album released in July 1995, after which the album and band were renamed “Foo fighters.” He played all the instrumentals while composing the multiple soundtracks for the 1997 film “Touch.”

In the presence of Dave Grohl, from 1997 to 2017, “Foo Fighters” released many albums that became US and UK chartbusters and got overwhelming popularity and acclaim among audiences. In February 2019, Grohl further made an appearance as a guest personality on “Sesame Street” show on its 50th anniversary.

Career as a filmmaker

The Foo Fighters’ music videos for numerous Hollywood films, including “Monkey Wrench” (1997), “My Hero” (1998), and “All My Life,” were directed by Grohl (2002). He also directed the Sonic Highways and Concrete and Gold era music videos. Grohl also filmed the music video for some movies. During his filmmaking time, he also produced and directed many documentaries and miniseries like Sound City, Sonic Highways, and What Drive us, which also received positive reviews from audiences.

Cal Jam

Grohl and the Foo Fighters organized a music festival called Cal Jam 17 to mark the release of their ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold, and the beginning of their North American tour. It had 27,800 spectators, 3,100 campsites, and nine arrests. On October 5 and 6, 2018, San Bernardino in California hosted the next Cal Jam, Cal Jam 18.

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Dave Grohl’s Net Worth

One of the most well-known guitarists and songwriters is Dave Grohl. As to notable sources, Dave Grohl’s net worth is currently $320 Million (as of 2022). He is ranked as one of the biggest rock stars in the nation. His career in the music industry was the only source of his $320 million fortune. Grohl is hugely wealthy but hasn’t let fame or money get to him.

Awards and accomplishments of Dave Grohl

After the release of different Albums from his rock band “Foo Fighters” and receiving acclaim among people, Dave Grohl has been nominated several times for top film and music awards in the American industry. He also won several awards out of them. Below is the list of awards won by his band in his music and filmmaking career;

  • British Phonographic Industry’s annual award (1993)
  • Grammy Award (2000):
  • Grammy Award in the category of “Best Rock Album” (2001)
  • He was elected to the Hall of Fame for Music in Washington, DC (2002)
  • ‘Grammy Award’ for ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ (2003, 2008)
  • ‘Major Label Artist of the Year’ for Radio Contraband (2011)
  • Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media at the Grammy Awards in (2013)
  • ‘Grammy Awards’ for ‘Best Rock Song’ (2018)

According to a 2012 statistics, Grohl was the third wealthiest drummer in the world with a net worth of $260 million. In recognition of his rock performances, Grohl received the city of Warren, Ohio, where he was born, in August 2009.


Although numerous factors contribute to Dave’s success and high value, hard work, determination, and talent come out on top. Each instrument used in a contemporary rock band was something Dave trained himself to play. He just focused on the first Foo Fighters album and never tried to improve himself personally. Dave had no fear of failing.

His musical career may have easily stopped after Nirvana. He made a lot of effort and yet saw through it. The moral of Dave Grohl’s narrative is that perseverance may lead to success. That at having what seems to be a natural temperament to be an accomplished musician.

This article reveals the successful life story of creative musician Dave Grohl and his contributions to the music industry.

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