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The Demi Fortnite skin is an Epic skin in the Fortnite video game. The Demi outfit is associated with challenges you can complete in the game to unlock this outfit. It’s a component of the Scarlet Dragon Set. The costume of Demi’s outfit is based on a female avatar.

It consists of a red t-shirt, a red mechanical arm mounted on the right hand, and a black glove with a red cut design on the left hand. A red/black headphone with a mic is also part of this skin. This outfit is titled with the slogan: armed with the power of Dragon. This outfit is available to players in Season 9 Battle Pass Tier 87.

This article is written to provide complete information to the readers about Demi skin in Fortnite video games, how to purchase that skin, where anyone can purchase it, its cost, and its appearance in the item shop.

From where can you acquire the Demi Fortnite skin?

A player can achieve the Demi skin in either of the two ways in the Fortnite video game.

  • Leveling up your Battle Pass
  • Purchasing from Item Shop

The Scarlet Dragon set in Fortnite is a unique set of cosmetics released in the video game by taking inspiration from the Demi character. It consists of 5 items with emotes, back blings, a loading screen, and an outfit. A player can have these items by leveling up a Battle pass or doing Demi challenges.

The Item Shop is updated daily, offering new items for the game players. It is a place in Fortnite where players can spend their V-Bucks and purchase different cosmetic items. Demi skin is also available in the game’s item shop.

Demi Challenges in Fortnite

All Fortnite Battle Royale owners who have Battle Pass are eligible for Demi Challenges. In Season 9, Demi Challenges went live, rewarding players with extra cosmetics for Demi Scarlet Dragon Set attachments. There are two kinds of Demi challenges available in the gameplay.

Collect Fortbytes (70)

A player has to collect a total of 70 Fortbytes during the entire Season 9. Once completing this challenge, a player will get the Reward Scarlet Scythe Pickaxe.

Collect Fortbytes (75)

A player has to collect a total of 75 Fortbytes during the entire Season 9. By completing this challenge, Scarlet Edge Back Bling is awarded to the player.

Cost of Demi Fortnite Skin

Everything To Know In Detail About Demi Fortnite Skin With Its Bundle Set

To get the Demi skin in Fortnite video games. A player doesn’t need to spend his V-bucks. It is a particular currency that is used in this video game. The Demi costume is available in two different ways for players.

  • By completing Season 9’s Tier 87 of the Battle Pass, one can earn this skin as a reward.
  • Also, to obtain this skin, if a player gets the Scarlet Dragon set from battle Pass of season 9. 

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Scarlet Dragon set attachments.

In the Fortnite Battle Royale version, the Scarlet Dragons bundle attachments are available. It is a collection of five different clothes and cosmetics. The bundle includes the following attachments;

  • The Demi Outfit
  • Scarlet Strike, Glider
  • Scarlet Edge, harvesting tool
  • Demi, loading screen
  • Scarlet Scythe, harvesting tool

The Demi Outfit

This Demi outfit skin is a rare and famous Fortnite skin inspired by the Japanese style Avatars. It is based on a female character with a mechanical hand mounted on the right hand and a black glove on the left hand.

Besides that, she also wears black shoes and a black headset to get instructions. It was first launched in the game on May 9th, 2019, in Chapter 1, season 9. It is available in two different attires; Red and Black.

Scarlet Strike (Glider)

A rare Fortnite glider included in the bundle is the scarlet strike. Scarlet Strike is made available via Battle Pass of Season 9. It is unlocked at Tier 39 of this game. This glider consists of black wings with a black/red frame on which a black glider umbrella is attached. A player can get this by purchasing or up-leveling the Battle Pass for Season 9. It was released on May 9th, 2019.

Scarlet Edge (back bling)

In Battle Royale, Scarlet Edge is also a rare back bling included in the Scarlet Dragon Set attachments that can be acquired as a reward when a player wins the Demi challenges. This back bling is also described as a double-bladed fury. It contains two black and red colored blades shaped as chest bling. It was initially released in Chapter 1: Season 9 of the video game.

Demi Fortnite Skin Appearances

The Demi skin outfit appears for the first time in a video game on May 9th, 2019, in Season 9. It has only made one appearance in the video game and does not reappear in any other season or chapter. This outfit has two apparel styles: default and night.

Final Words

The Demi outfit has been reviewed as a great outfit with exciting attire, avatars, and color combinations. This article aims at covering detailed information about Demi Fortnite skin so that anyone can find ways to get this skin and enjoy the experience of this attractive attire.

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